Another one bites the dust….

This time it was Fred Funcken. As for so many wargamers, Fred was a major influence on the way I researched and assembled my Napoleonic armies. His two volume set on the Napoleonic Wars and of course the amazing Lace Wars set are simply “must haves” for any gamer looking to either Tricornia or Napoleonics.

Thank you Fred for all of the amazing friends I have made, people I have met, shows I have attended and thousands of hours of fun I have had. Without Fred I may well have not remained in wargaming when I lost my WW2 buzz in the mid-70s. Thanks to his Napoleonic set I was able to rekindle my love of the hobby – and am still hanging in there 40 years late.

Fred Funcken(Photo courtesy of Le Soir)

Fred passed away on 16th May 2013, aged 91. Bon chance mon ami!


Back to Basics….. Impetus Basic

In 2006 a friend introduced me to this great game. When full-fat Impetus was released I was one of the first to get a copy. I love the game.

Then I moved back to New Zealand in 2009. People here were still locked in the DBMM v FoG debate and ancients was really on the wane. I tried to get people to look at this for some time – even putting on a demonstration game with the assistance of an old friend. The usual grunts ensued from spectators, but of course bows and arrows against the wind really.

I put the idea on hold for some years whilst pottering with other thing and trying hard to fit back into 1986 (which is roughly where mindsets were when I arrived in 2009).

With the release of Dux Bellorum and a few demo games of that people have come to see the benefits of the big Impetus bases. They simply look better!

I was working on finishing a 2000 point WAB2 Saxon army with Vikings waiting in the wings when Warhammer Historical went arse up. I decided to pop these onto bases for Dux Bellorum and use them as Late Saxons for a while whilst I was putting together proper armies.

Then I realised that I only had to finish four or five more elements and I would have completed both a Saxon and Viking BI army. Game on.

So now things are spread from one end of the table to the other whilst I trim and assemble loads of Wargames Factory figures. Around 50 in fact. It will be worth the effort.

Here is a taster: