Ronin Has Landed

I have been a great fan of Osprey since the 70s when they first started publishing their Men at Arms series of books. Now almost 40 years later they have released a fantastic set of skirmish rules called Ronin.


These are available from their website direct or from Nick over at Northstar.

Like many skirmish games coming out at the moment Ronin is designed to be played on a 3′ square table – or 900mmx900mm. A “Buntai” contains from 6-12 figures depending upon quality.

Figures are available from Nick (who has four amazing Buntai available), the ever industrious Perry’s or many other manufacturers.

I have just received my first Buntai from Dixon this week. I chose Dixon simply because I love their Samurai range. It is well over 30 years old now but still beautiful.

I have also purchased some Ninja and civilians from Perry for play in some of the scenarios included in the book.