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Wow – look at what arrived in the mailbox today!

Only 4 years in the making… and talking… and debating….. and faffing….. and rewriting…… oh you get the idea.


Many thanks to Mike at Black Hat Miniatures for getting these in stock, in the post and to my door in amazing time.

Some armies have changed quite a bit, many a little and some not at all. On the whole I like the new layout which actually tells you what troops are involved rather than just the game type. For example is now says such things as 4x Select Fyrd (Sp) rather than just 4x4Sp.

There is also a nice little blurb at the beginning of each list covering a few details on the army. This is a nice touch that expands on that from 2.2 and fortunately does not go on in the way that occurs in the DBMM lists.

The book itself is 144 pages, has both a rule index and an army index at the rear and lots of excellent diagrams at the beginning. Overall there are just over 100 pages of army lists.

On the whole these are fantastic value and we are now well set for another decade of excellent gaming.


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