ECW Project Update 1

The first 12 cavalry troopers have been assembled – just working out how to put on the pistol holsters.




I went with the floppy hat and wavy sword option for this lot. I have not assembled any command at this point – I will add some later when I work out whether I am playing 8, 10 or 12 figure regiments.

To get the rider to fit the horse much of the saddlery needs to be carved away – but this is a common problem in both plastic and metal. It is almost like two different designers were at work and they didn’t like each other much.

Undercoating tomorrow!

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ECW Project

A few of the guys I enjoy playing games with have recently started playing ECW using the Pike and Shotte rules from Warlord.


After finding an “evaluation” copy online (as you do) I felt confident enough to send off to The Book Depository for a copy. Good price and excellent service as always!

I bought a Starter Battalia box from Warlord Games a while ago and knew I would eventually find the incentive to begin the project. These boxes are great value with 2 boxes of foot and two boxes of horse and 10 Firelocks – all for £70!


The boys from the Drury club have provided the motivation, now I just need to get my act together! Next game – six days away! The challenge is to get 24 cavalry assembled, painted and based for Saturday.

Yesterday I trimmed and assembled 24 horses. This really was not a fun job. Lots of flash and mould lines to clean off so this took much of the day to do properly.

Today I am getting stuck in with the green stuff to fill the awful gaps at the neck, chest and rear of the horses. This will be another half day at least as I am learning how to use the green stuff. Above you can see I am halfway there.

 Big gaps! Big, big gaps.

A little green stuff and not so bad.

Whilst I am waiting on the green stuff to dry I will be assembling the riders. I think I will put together two distinctly different regiments – one of typical Cavalier types and one with armour and pot helms. This will mean less variety in a regiment than I would like, but still more than most metal manufacturers manage.