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So ….. Bolt Action ……

When this game first came out a few years ago I went meh and carried on with my 20mm thing. Over time the path I was on became ever less populated and more and more gamers were making BA noises.


As I had an account with Scribd, I decided to add BA to my library and give it a read. I was pleasantly surprised to find it read well and looked like it would give a good game. Pretty too……

I began looking around the inter web to see who might have put up something that might prove of use. I was blown away by he volume and quality of the work that had been uploaded in the form of websites, videos, army lists and of course the obligatory photos.

Far and away the best of these assets is Boltaction.net. This site has been going since 2012 and has reviews, AAR’s, galleries and of course general wittering. Good wittering mind, unlike Warren at Beasts of War…..

Last weekend was the local Battle Cry weekend here in Auckland (or Jafaland to those of you more fortunate….) and there was a Bolt Action tournament on offer. The armies were superb, tables stunning and the spirit outstanding. People playing with good looking toys on lovely terrain and having fun. Hell why not??!!

Mighty Ape had a little stand there (which I hope was well supported!) and had the latest offerings from Italeri – nothing less than Warlord Games plastic figures and a couple of tanks. Hooked!

I picked up a box of Soviet infantry for $25 and have been pottering with them for a few days now. These figures look great, are easy to assemble, look great, have an excellent variety of poses and did I mention that they look great?


The first thing to notice is that this is not the usual Warlord games offering – having only 16 figures in the box. The figures are identical – after all Italeri manufactures them for Warlord….. In the box are two sprues each with 8 figures – all different poses – one weapon sprue and some bases. Only 14 bases are included and we are left to our own deices to work out what do do with the two prone figures. Easily sorted.


Also included with the box is a paintbrush, a small bottle of liquid cement and a pot of Vallejo paint – in this case a 7ml pot of Khaki Grey. Perfect for me as this was the highlight colour I had chosen for the figures already.


So all in all not a bad little box of goodies.

The contents of the box

The contents of the box

Infantry Sprue

Infantry Sprue

Weapon Sprue

Weapon Sprue

Close-up of PPsH

Close-up of PPsH

I am currently assembling these and will post photos of them throughout their assembly, painting and basing.


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