ACW Project

I have been pottering with the ACW period for almost as long as I have been gaming. In 1977 Airfix published a set of rules by Terry Wise and I proceeded to build armies in 20mm using Airfix figures.

Later I got into 15mm using a variety of rules – lastly in the 90s using Fire & Fury. What an awesome game.

With the release of Perry plastics I have been toying for a while about getting back into the fray. With a few swaps and a purchase or two I found myself with three boxes of infantry. I started downloading copies of Charge! from Wargame Vault and the search for rules began.


I have a copy of Regimental Fire and Fury and have yet to give the game a go. It appears to retain the feel of the original game but I will not know for a while. I also quite like Bull Run to Gettysburg and Rank and File. All I can do is build the armies and try the games.

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