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For a long time I have been trying to convince (cajole, bribe, nag, whine) people into playing Impetus. Whilst I have one regular opponent I really do want more. The game has failed to gain (pun intended) sufficient Impetus in NZ.

So when looking online I was reminded of Steven Thomas’ rebasing project for his Punic Wars 15mm armies. I already had two large 28mm War of the Roses armies based for Impetus:



I decided to have a look at what I would need to do to play DBA with this collection. Actually not much! All I need to do is to add two artillery (compulsory in DBA but optional in DBMM – go figure) pieces and I have two complete armies.

The above selection was put together for a trial of Hail Caesar. After two games against really good opponents at my favourite Auckland club I decided that Hail Caesar is too brutal and too crude a system. Units manoeuvre like mayflies and the game is over before you have time to dust off your dice. It may be a good game for a massive figure collection and a massive table with 3-4 players a side, but 1:1 on a 6×4 it fails badly IMHO.

So over the next few weeks I will sort out the missing elements and get playing DBA with these armies whilst painting Gauls……….



28mm DBA

If there was ever a better showing of the perpetual butterfly principle that wargamers are often accused of, it would have to be this site!

Over the Easter weekend the New Zealand Nationals were held in Auckland. The event was hosted by the Auckland City Guard club and for the most part it was a good event held at a good venue. Politics and other things aside most gamers really enjoyed their tournaments and had a great time within their own microcosm.

This year I participated in the DBA tournament. For whatever reason there were only four of us. A sad showing for what is really rather a popular game. Oh well…

The competition was held in 15mm and the quality of armies on display was excellent:

S8001937 S8001943 S8001946

The weekend reignited my commitment to a game I have been playing since 1990 – some 25 years. I have been looking glumly at a large number or unassembled Gauls from War-games Factory and Warlord games recently completely unable to face painting them to this type of standard:


These amazing figures can be found (along with so many others) over at Bennett Black-Douane’s amazing site.

But 12 elements I can handle….. Then of course it will only be 12 more to do a double army, then 12 more for a DBMM 120 point army…………….

A regular gaming opponent is assembling Victrix Romans…….

Project on.

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Wow – look at what arrived in the mailbox today!

Only 4 years in the making… and talking… and debating….. and faffing….. and rewriting…… oh you get the idea.


Many thanks to Mike at Black Hat Miniatures for getting these in stock, in the post and to my door in amazing time.

Some armies have changed quite a bit, many a little and some not at all. On the whole I like the new layout which actually tells you what troops are involved rather than just the game type. For example is now says such things as 4x Select Fyrd (Sp) rather than just 4x4Sp.

There is also a nice little blurb at the beginning of each list covering a few details on the army. This is a nice touch that expands on that from 2.2 and fortunately does not go on in the way that occurs in the DBMM lists.

The book itself is 144 pages, has both a rule index and an army index at the rear and lots of excellent diagrams at the beginning. Overall there are just over 100 pages of army lists.

On the whole these are fantastic value and we are now well set for another decade of excellent gaming.

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