Dux Bellorum Variants

Wouldn’t you know it, before I get my first proper army on the table there are variants for many periods popping up. I for one like the idea of a Peloponnesian variant – after all there are very few troop types required and they can fit well within the existing definitions that Dan Mersey has already given us.

I am keen to try 1066 using the set – again all of the troop types present can be covered by the existing troop types.

I have always been interested in the Wars of the Roses and recently discovered a variant online for that too at a fantastic blog entitled “The Shire and Everything After“. This really is an excellent blog and some of the photos are very inspiring.

With the forthcoming release from Perry of dismounted Men at Arms this period is very very affordable now.

It is with some anticipation that I await Dan’s “Lion Rampant” rules, of which he has given us a few teasers on his site.

I have been busy rebasing 1066 Saxons for DB/Impetus of late. Pictures to follow soon.


A New Project

The main problem I face as a wargamer is that of focusing on a single thing. I tend to be a bit of a butterfly.

Recently I have found that the way to solve that is to take on smaller projects.

I bought Dux Bellorum when it first came out and have had a few games so far and am totally sold. I have been using my 1066 Saxons in sabot bases but feel it is time to go with a purpose built army.

db cover

I have decided to go with the Late Romans simply because I don’t need to buy any figures for it. I have a pile of Gripping Beast Late Romans I picked up from an online auction almost three years go. Time to get them out of the box.

A DB army is usually 32 points. So here is my initial thought for the army:

  • Mounted Companions with Leader (compulsory) – 5 points
  • Cataphract – 6 points
  • Two Noble Shieldwall (Legionaries) – 5 points
  • Two Ordinary Shieldwall – 3 points
  • Bow – 3 points
  • Two Foot Skirmisher – 1 point

Not the strongest combination and the Cataphracts are expensive, but they can take on both foot and mounted troops effectively.

First element on the painting blocks is the Bow. More to follow.