Big Base DBA

For a long time I have been trying to convince (cajole, bribe, nag, whine) people into playing Impetus. Whilst I have one regular opponent I really do want more. The game has failed to gain (pun intended) sufficient Impetus in NZ.

So when looking online I was reminded of Steven Thomas’ rebasing project for his Punic Wars 15mm armies. I already had two large 28mm War of the Roses armies based for Impetus:



I decided to have a look at what I would need to do to play DBA with this collection. Actually not much! All I need to do is to add two artillery (compulsory in DBA but optional in DBMM – go figure) pieces and I have two complete armies.

The above selection was put together for a trial of Hail Caesar. After two games against really good opponents at my favourite Auckland club I decided that Hail Caesar is too brutal and too crude a system. Units manoeuvre like mayflies and the game is over before you have time to dust off your dice. It may be a good game for a massive figure collection and a massive table with 3-4 players a side, but 1:1 on a 6×4 it fails badly IMHO.

So over the next few weeks I will sort out the missing elements and get playing DBA with these armies whilst painting Gauls……….





I have been playing Impetus on an off since 2006 when a friend introduced me to this wonderful game. In 2009 I returned to New Zealand – and hit a brick wall as noone here wanted to know. Gamers here were still in the Barker loop – if it ain’t Phil’s it ain’t good. Mostly I feel exactly the opposite.

So when I recently purchased a large 28mm War of the Roses army I made the decision to base it to Impetus. At the same time two of my long suffering opponents had already made the switch! So far I have rebased over 600 points with another 200 or so to go.

Why so many then the usual army sizes are 300-500 points? I have two armies….. There is no rush for anyone else to buy and assemble an army. Most importantly I can field pretty much every option on the army lists. All I need to put together to complete the army is a unit of pike, a unit of crossbow and two units of currours.

Grant and I had a great game at the Drury club on Saturday. Grant had been unsure about the system, but after two games he is convinced that this system is a winner. Old news for me of course! We also managed to score another player who just happened to pop in! Brilliant.

Back to Basics….. Impetus Basic

In 2006 a friend introduced me to this great game. When full-fat Impetus was released I was one of the first to get a copy. I love the game.

Then I moved back to New Zealand in 2009. People here were still locked in the DBMM v FoG debate and ancients was really on the wane. I tried to get people to look at this for some time – even putting on a demonstration game with the assistance of an old friend. The usual grunts ensued from spectators, but of course bows and arrows against the wind really.

I put the idea on hold for some years whilst pottering with other thing and trying hard to fit back into 1986 (which is roughly where mindsets were when I arrived in 2009).

With the release of Dux Bellorum and a few demo games of that people have come to see the benefits of the big Impetus bases. They simply look better!

I was working on finishing a 2000 point WAB2 Saxon army with Vikings waiting in the wings when Warhammer Historical went arse up. I decided to pop these onto bases for Dux Bellorum and use them as Late Saxons for a while whilst I was putting together proper armies.

Then I realised that I only had to finish four or five more elements and I would have completed both a Saxon and Viking BI army. Game on.

So now things are spread from one end of the table to the other whilst I trim and assemble loads of Wargames Factory figures. Around 50 in fact. It will be worth the effort.

Here is a taster: