Italian Wars – the Rules

Every war gamer faces the same dilemma – what rules to use? I have never been a fan of the “one set to rule them all” approach. DBR is a very good example of how a good idea just should never have been allowed to go so far.

I have a few sets of rules that will probably do the job, such as Crusader and War & Conquest. I thought about Impetus – but as I am using this for War of the Roses and Punic Wars armies I felt it would be tedious to use them again for this project. I ordered a copy of Frank Chadwick’s Condottiere rules and have been looking at these.

Condottiere cover

So far after one reading they have not ripped of my socks. There are some nice ideas in there but I am not convinced.

I will try them though. I will give them a few games to see how they pan out. I am not expecting much, so have little to lose. I do like the random army generation and a few of the random event ideas though, so who knows.

Firstly I have to get the armies together.

One of the greatest inspirations has been the release of the Perry plastic sets – particularly the European Mercenaries and Men at Arms sets. When the Light Cavalry box is released soon most of the troops I will need to buy will be available in plastic. Pro-Gloria have their plastic Landsknechts under way also – so an even bigger saving!

One thing I do know about the game is how the figures will be based. 40mm squares for foot (with 4, 3 or 2 figures depending upon type) and 50mm squares for cavalry (2 figures). This makes the bases sturdy enough to pick up and move around without damaging figures and also small enough to make storage and transportation easier.

This basing also fits nicely with all of the rulesets I am considering.


Italian Wars – the Inspiration

Every project needs a spark. For me it was the wonderful blog of James Roach. The Olicanalad postings are full of beautiful figures, fantastic games and lovely terrain. Nothing here is too difficult to reproduce – James is a normal bloke who just seems to be able to paint really fast! Here are a few examples.


Olicana2 Olicana3 Olicana4

Like I said – inspirational!

What caught my eye the most were the buildings. As I looked through James’ blog I discovered he had used the building blanks from Warbases. I promptly ordered two of each and a few extra doors and windows. Assembling these has occupied a little time today – I am almost finished the eight modules.

I will play around with these until I find the combinations I like and order more buildings! It is nice to get the last part of the project under way first – the scenery!

Italian Wars – a Beginning.

I have been fascinated with this period for as long as I can remember. George Gush’s articles in Airfix magazine in the early 70s were my earliest memories followed by hundreds of games at the Invercargill Military Modeller’s Club using 15mm Minifigs strip figures and George’s Renaissance rules published initially in 1976.

Gush 1st

Since then I have owned many armies and played many games in many scales – but the fascination has always remained. Recently when surfing the interweb I found new inspiration to begin a new Italian Wars project.