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After a long and painful analysis I have decided to run with FoGR for my ECW project. The reasons are many – mainly associated with the availability of opponents. I find the FoG system works of for Ancients, a little better for Renaissance and not even a little bit for Napoleonics.

One plus is that the contents of the Starter Battalia box will go further!


One of the biggest plusses of FoGR is that it is available. So many great games cannot be found for love or money any more.


Another one bites the dust….

This time it was Fred Funcken. As for so many wargamers, Fred was a major influence on the way I researched and assembled my Napoleonic armies. His two volume set on the Napoleonic Wars and of course the amazing Lace Wars set are simply “must haves” for any gamer looking to either Tricornia or Napoleonics.

Thank you Fred for all of the amazing friends I have made, people I have met, shows I have attended and thousands of hours of fun I have had. Without Fred I may well have not remained in wargaming when I lost my WW2 buzz in the mid-70s. Thanks to his Napoleonic set I was able to rekindle my love of the hobby – and am still hanging in there 40 years late.

Fred Funcken(Photo courtesy of Le Soir)

Fred passed away on 16th May 2013, aged 91. Bon chance mon ami!

Ganesha Rides Again

A few years ago Mark introduced me to the Song of Blades and Heroes set of rules. Simple and yet not so much. Like chess, a few moments to learn but a lifetime to master. These are the types of games I really enjoy. One of the main attractions is being able to use figures I have lying around.

cover song preview

I have pulled these out of the box again recently and am trying to raise interest locally. If playing in 28mm a table is only 1200 x 900 – perfect for even the smallest of apartments.

I have most of the sets produced either as pdfs or on the iPad as they are released.

Game on!

Battle Cry

The weekend just past was spent playing lots of Warhammer Ancients with an old friend (since the late 80s) Jerome. We managed to fit in some 5 games using our recently completed (or in my case – almost completed) 2000 point armies.

Battle Cry is an annual event held in Auckland’s ASB Stadium. Lots of free parking, a little cafe, a few traders and some fantastic gaming.

At the beginning of the first game we spent time reading for everything – where to set up, how to do almost everything. By the end of our second day we were not even needing the playsheet for the most part.

Warhammer is an elegant system. To me the greatest strength of the rules is that they are rules. Exceptions and special features are built into the army lists. Most rule writers fall into the trap of trying to include everything and in doing so make their game unplayable – or even worse they make it competitionable. By this I mean they write sets that seem almost intentionally designed to be manipulated and abused by the type of morons you find in the competition circuit. The usual “it doesn’t say I can’t” type of people. These people are usually called “period killers” at club level.

IMG_0220 IMG_0221 IMG_0222 IMG_0223 IMG_0224 IMG_0225 IMG_0226IMG_0227

One the whole we both decided we needed to play these rules a lot more as they really are fun and designed for the type of game we like to play.

A Generic Blog

I thought it would be a good idea to have a generic blog to cover my wargamingness. My main interest is 20mm WW2 and I keep a separate blog for that – see the links.

This blog will be used to cover all of the random thoughts, mini projects and general pottering and dithering that most wargamers tend to do.